Day School - Learn at your own pace

Day school students are allowed access to all that CTA has to offer. This program's schedule consists of five concurrent courses, a four day per week "year round school" schedule, and a minimum of twenty two . . .

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Night School - Learn when you have time

Night school and part time students are allotted two nights (or days) a week of campus access, and may access their online curriculum at any time of day. During this program students may study up to three . . .

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Home Study - Learn in your own place

Academically identical to our Night School program, CTA's home study program consists of more convenient scheduling for students how actively learn at home with parent assistance. Weekly on campus days are . . .

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Certificate Classes - earn a certification

The CTA offers training courses and programs that lead to professional certification. Some companies prefer certification exam instead of under-graduate studies in order to obtain entry-level employment. . .

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Summer School - Credit Recovery

The CTA Summer School / Credit Recovery program is designed to allow students a chance to retake courses and improve their overall GPA. Depending on the current school district Students may not have to wait for summer. . .


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Welcome to Canterbury Technical Academy

Canterbury Technical Academy is an AdvancED® SACS™ (Southern Association of Colleges and Schools) accredited learning institution. CTA is committed to providing an environment in which all our students are able to succeed. Originally founded as a school for at risk youth, Canterbury's individual paced plans allow students to learn at their own rate. Over the last 20 years, Canterbury has helped many students with their educational needs and has challenged students to excel in previously weak areas. - Learn More

Welcome to Student Fun University
Canterbury Technical Academy is a SACs/AdvanceED accredited school