Class Options

There are three different ways of taking classes at Canterbury Technical Academy. A student can choose which class option is the most beneficial for their learning needs.

  • Traditional Lecture:
    • These courses have a traditional lecture format in a classroom setting with a teacher presenting the material. This arrangement is good for students who favor visual and audial learning. Also in a traditional lecture setting, the student can learn free of distractions and have the support and guidance of the teacher and peers readily available.
  • Supervised In-Class Independent Study:
    • These classes are independent study held under the supervision of an instructor. A student is assigned to a classroom and works at their own pace under a structured syllabus. The teacher is available for any questions and functions more as a one-on-one tutor in this setting. This arrangement is good for students who learn at a different pace or are more independent and require a quiet setting to learn.
  • On-Line Study:
    • On-line study allows a student to learn from anywhere there is an Internet connection. Students use the OdysseyWare as its computer-based curriculum and are assigned the appropriate coursework. After the coursework is complete, the student is required to take a review test at Canterbury Technical Academy under the supervision of an instructor. This type of study allows students to learn at their own dictated pace and can allow a student the freedom to learn an environment they feel most comfortable in.