Canterbury Academy offers fully accredited learning programs tailored to provide a quality learning experience for each individual. Our programs feature individualized learning options and flexible scheduling to ensure that all learners achieve academic success. In-school schedules may vary all testing is done in-house to ensure the integrity of our program.

Feature Day School Night School Home Study
Standard Monthly Tuition
(fees/discounts not included)
$500 / $250 $250 $250/$100
In School Hours Full Time
/ Part Time
Part Time Part Time / Home School Co-Op
Accredited Program No / No Yes No / No
Maximum Concurrent Courses 6 / 3 3 5
24 Hour Curriculum Access No Yes Yes
Individual Teacher Assessment Yes Yes Yes
Student Honor Committee No Yes Yes
PTA Membership No Yes No / No
Educational Field Trips No Yes Yes
Social Days No / No Yes No / No
Tutor Access Days Yes Yes Yes
Activity Fee $100 $0 - $60 $0 - $60

Day School

Day school students are allowed access to all that CTA has to offer. This program's schedule consists of five concurrent courses, a four day per week "year round school" schedule, and a minimum of 22 hours of weekly in school instruction. Some features included in this program are individualized learning plans to suit your learning needs, software and supplies/materials needed for courses, and inclusive trips and in school events covered by the school activity fund. Parents are welcome to provide insights through the school's PTA meetings, and students through the student council and student run honor committee.

Night School / Part Time

Night school and part time students are allotted two nights (or days) a week of campus access and may access their online curriculum at any time of day. During this program, students may study up to three concurrent courses and receive the same individualized learning plans as full time students. Logs are kept to insure student receives 22 hours a week of school time.

Home Study

Academically identical to our Night School program, CTA's home study program consists of more convenient scheduling for students who actively learn at home with parent assistance. Weekly on campus days are selected based on availability and convenience, and logs are kept to insure students receive 22 hours a week of school time. Students and parents are required to participate in the individualized learning program and instructors will assist in teaching students in any areas of difficulty.

Credit Recovery

The CTA credit recovery program offers students from other schools a chance to make up credits from missed or failed courses. In addition to our online curriculum, instructors and tutors are available to provide students with individual learning assistance. All testing is done in-house to insure the integrity of our program, but students are allowed 24 hour access to their coursework to learn in their free time.